January 23, 2016

Universal Law of Materialism

Universal Law of Materialism

Universal Law of Materialism Life Egg: from original tetkaART

Universal Law of Materialism Life Egg is available as Designer Art Prints here


Help is on it’s way.

With the acceptance of the Material World and how she is set up, you will actually know freedom of choices.

This is the key to the Material World that is truly not activated within most individuals, as no matter what your circumstances there is always a sense or feeling of being beholden one to the other.

Certainly in this day of big brother activity, where one’s every movement can be accessed through one form or another, it is so very vital that we access Law of Materialism as it holds within it the vibration of Unity.

This unity is actually a light vibration and comes from a supportive space rather than from a negative controlling space.

In the past, through the Earth for one reason or another we have found it very difficult to trust the process of life as within that very same process were held our learnings and healings through the emotional plane of consciousness.

Universal Laws, which I have been blessed to access have been held within the ethers under the direction and guide lines of the One who brought these laws forward under the direction and indeed guidance of the hierarchical overlords of Karma.

These very same beings have now given a directive whereby these Laws will directly be accessed for the evolution of mankind into a higher frequency, so that mankind as we now know it to be will be directly lined up with the planetary subjection of future directives, in other words for the completion of the blueprint of mankind as a Whole.

The contemplations of many for the healing of the Earth herself has now been accessed and is pulling many to-gether so that the pole of the negative abuse of the alignment of the temporary access of many light beings will be transferred to a place of reason.

The holding on of forces that do not serve the higher directives will simply be pushed through an electrical vortex which will transmit their negative bases attitudes of self destruction to a positive form of electrical conduits that will move mountains in the sense of earth beings coming to a place of certainty.

This simply means people will no need to tread wearily for fear of either “they are doing the wrong thing or that they are being kicked in the guts for want of a more descriptive word.”

Universal Law of Materialism is brought to people, so that they can access freedom of choice.

Freedom of how we live

Freedom of how we spend our money

Freedom to create in an instant what our spirit has been crying out to experience on the earth

Never before was there such a certainty that the sky is no longer the limit.

Whatever your goals and dreams, hold them in your mind as you focus on embodying the Universal Life Egg, Law of Materialism and you will find that your body will slowly move beyond its normal“fear” re-action to anything that is new and foreign.

This Universal Law holds within it the molecule structures, that once our bodies have totally connected to that aspect of ourself that has long been buried deep within we will notice a direct alignment to that part of our spirit that loves to play.

The natural outcome to this is of course,that no matter what you do in life, there will be an element of fun and laughter involved and a deep sense of joy, because you will actually be doing what you love, instead of what you have to do.

The more you focus on this Law through a Meditative state, you will receive answers to your daily problems.

Once you have moved through a short period of these nuisances, then automatically the hue of Golden remembrance begins to unfold and those petty problems will simply have disappeared, as you will have begun the process of being your authentic self.

And so it IS….

From : Way of the Sacred Spirit Program:The Soul’s Journey

Evolved and developed by Tetka Rhu © 1997

tetka rhu

ARTIST: Lady Picasso Tetka Rhu
tetkaART = a WAY of Life

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