January 19, 2016

Storytelling: Wise Lady

Wise Lady

wiSe lady: Original tetkaART

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Challenges were coming thick and fast, as wiSe lady was delegated to a position of authority in the Realms of Power.

Smiling with dignity she simply walked on to her designated post, as she had no tolerance for the impudence of ones who claimed they had passed the initiations that had been set down by the metaphysical masters who ruled this realm.

eXperience had shown her that many could talk the talk, yet a handful only walked their talk and she declared that this situation would no longer be tolerable.

Her first rule of order was to strike off the candidates who fitted into the slot of “talking the talk without fulfilling the tasks required of them”

And so it happened.

Tall poppies fell off their perches and others immediately took the places they so rightly deserved.

Smiling calmly, wiSe lady was satisfied and in that her pronouncement was heard through the psyCHIC ethers.

“NO more will it be tolerated that those who take and take what is not rightfully their blueprint of Creation happen.

Those people will be brought face to face with their Karmic Records and if justification of their actions are not satisfied by the Lords of Karma, appropriate Laws of Cause and Effect will immediately be set in place”.

Fear became rampant, as many knew that they were in for a torrid time and yet through their fear wiSe lady stepped into their dreaming and gathered them into a healing ball of light.

Her next actions rewarded those who calmly accepted that the next stage of their soul evolution would require massive healing of the reasons WHY they had acted the way they had.

This group quickly rode through the stages set before them, while the peoples who were still stuck in their gross and limitations faded into oblivion and passed on to the plane of adjudication where their fate was set until they “got” the Law of the land.

wiSe lady sat on her throne smiling deeply from the inside as her thoughts took on:

“No more shall injustice rule

No more will the good of heart be left on the bed to dry in the sun

No more No more”

And so NOW I declare, beamed her voice through the realms of the Universe:

It is time for the ONES who have served with love and dedication to be rewarded and recognized for the duty of care they carry out”

And so it beCAME known through the annals of time that wiSe lady lived in peoples’ souls everywhere as Justice was the order of the day.

ARTIST: Lady Picasso Tetka Rhu

tetkaART = a WAY of Life

written by Tetka Rhu (c) Tetka Rhu September 2015

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