JET Gemstone – Ancient Healing Wisdom through the Power of the Earth


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Time to move into JET consciousness in my personal 11:11 Star-gate Portal of Transcendence.

I can hear many people wonder what on earth is JET. My awareness of Jet is that it was a gemstone that was used extensively through the Victorian era and particarly was sought after as carvings in Brooches and Throat Chokers. I was very blessed to come across a Jet carving of a boot years ago. It is something very sacred to me and today, I popped it onto an earring and enjoyed the earth magic of it’s energies. 

Jet is organic in origin, and is also known as black amber, although it is not actually an amber, but rather fossilized wood. Like coal it is formed by the remains of wood that has been immersed in water for millions of years, then compacted and fossilized. When burned or touched with a hot implement, it often exudes the characteristic smell of coal.

It was used extensively in mourning jewelry in Victorian times due to its somber color and modest appearance. This stone has long been considered a stone for alleviating and bringing grief to the surface to be healed.

Medieval healers believed that burning jet was a cure for fevers and all manner of different illnesses. It has been mined since 1400BC and worked pieces of jet have been found in prehistoric burial mounds. In the 16th century jet was used to create rosary beads for monks, as it was told that the gemstone would invoke the favor of God, the Greeks believed that wearing jet would ensure the favor of Gods, and the Pueblo Indians buried the gemstone with their dead, as it was believed it would protect them in the after life.

Now to my day in Jet consciousness as I relive the memories of significant moments that happen. Transcendence is the key to this journey and to be in that space, you definitely have to let go the past totally as it has no relevance in this time frame. 

What I mean by that is that so many people are still living in negative conditioning rather than taking control of their lives and healing those aspects that are stopping their wondrous gift to themselves of knowing the Positive Polarity of being. The words I AM (which effectively claim ONEness with ALL) is a great start to begin the healing, however, to be in the Transcendent space of I AM, you first have to  experience the positive aspect of being. Being a winner and enjoying the fruits of your rewards is a significant part of becoming Transcendent. 

I was asked by this lady today: How are You? 

My response was: I AM very wonderful.

She lit up with the hugest smile as she tangibly felt the energy I was emitting. A few minutes later I asked the same question of another lady and her response was: Not too Bad. Arghhh… the negativity that oozed from her was palpable. Beats me why these people can maintain their jobs with attitudes like that. 

How blessed am I that I was able to transmute that energy instantly as whether people know it or not, what they are emitting does affect others. Very interesting. 

Thank Goodness I had my Jet boot on as this supports my knowing. 

Jet draws out negative energy from the aura, and can initiate psychic experiences. It uncovers past negative energies a person still carried in their subconscious mind, and will help in understanding and working with life and karmic cycles.

Something else happened today that was a “little” out of the ordinary. I was sitting working at my computer when suddenly my whole body felt this swirl of energy come through my crown and right through me. It was powerful as I had to grab hold of my desk to stay upright.

What did this mean to me on this day, as the question needed to be posed in order to ascertain my position of authority in my life right here, right now.

I spoke earlier of experiencing life as a winner. Unfortunately there are many people who don’t have your best interests at heart and are consumed with their own limited behaviour, therefore to be constantly monitoring your psychic energy field is a pain in the backside. This energy cemented new vibrations within my psyche which support me in moving on from constantly monitoring.

To be Zen, or I AM or Transcendent, you have to experience the good, the bad, the ugly and when you have completed the tasks set down, then relief is here. The blessings of these energies today support me in knowing, I AM prepared.

Woooo, what a journey.

Tomorrow, I move into Black Onyx Consciousness in my 11:11 Star-gate Portal of Transcendence, so onward I move as I explore the beauty and power of positive influences in my life.

so til then,