GARNET – ART of the Spiritual Warrior


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There is so much information on the metaphysical properties that Garnet Crystalline Consciousness carries, yet like everything in life all vibrations will act and react to what is happening within your life.

How you deal with situations is completely up to you.

Many people believe that being on a Spiritual Path, you turn a blind eye. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact I firmly know without any hesitation that situations will keep occurring until you deal with the issue, much like facing the lion in the den. The next step is finding the root cause that has attracted any untoward happening in your life and heal it.

How does all this relate to Garnet Consciousness as I travel deeper and deeper into the 11:11 Stargate Portal of Transcendence?

there is so much credited to the vibrations of Garnet and yet for me, this gemstone has always brought about unlocking the Spirit of my Inner Warrrior or another way I put it: unleashing my fire dragon.

Years ago, when I was a manufacturing jeweller I crafted a beautiful Garnet 9ct Gold Ring with a couple of Diamonds. It is very unique. Now the curious thing is I actually created this darling after I closed the jewellery business (many reasons for doing this, however too much to go into here).

What stuck out like a sore thumb was when I was manufacturing jewellery, my jewellery artwork that I either moulded from wax or built out of metal wire or sheets was quite heavy or solid in their look and feeling- Masculine/Patriarchial/Materialism energy.

The Garnet ring is quite open and has a lacy look – Feminine/Matriarchal/Spirit energy

The reason for relating this is that one of the deep seated unconscious reasons my spiritual journey happened was to move on from materialism through the Patriarchal Paradigm and find the balance of Materialism within Matriarchal Paradigm and then bring the 2 into balance.

This has truly meant bringing out my Spiritual Warrior, owning my Dragon Power, being my feminine power  as I harness my masculine power.

All this means is that everything I do is from the heart.

To get to this point has been a task to walk the talk as I have had to move beyond all reptilian energies such as abuse, control and manipulation which equated to power over particularly through what the material world recognises as Power and that is money.

Remembering beautiful positive learnings of being detached from outcomes as a result of my past Real Estate Career I was able to bring that energy back into play today. No matter what personality traits I may or may not have, my Soul has been crying out for this state of affairs to be finally erased from my cellular patterning.

Today, I put the seal on No 30 Investment Art BLISS, Pink Angel and that in itself is a milestone as my heart and soul went into every single paint stroke, as importantly, some time back I was inspired that once I reached that point then the tsunami of my wave of Universal/Earth flow is here.

Yayyyy, girlfriend. Keep being inspired.

Have to say big thanks to the living, breathing feminine consciousness of Garnet for walking with me on this day and releasing my Fire Dragon into my Tsunami Flow.

Tomorrow is Day 166 and I have some beautiful Tibetan Green Jasper set in a necklace with onyx beads and earrings to match. Needless to say I will be wearing them tomorrow as I engage with the brilliance of Earth’s Jasper.

Oh, by the way, synergies galore, tomorrow I begin No 26 Earth Angel Investment Art and I already have the vision happening… Expect a

so til then,